ENIGMA – Numbers Stations Group

by Mike Chance on July 19th, 1993


“One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Zero

Zero Zero Nine, Zero Zero Nine, Zero Zero Nine, Zero Zero Nine

Groups 198, Groups 198”

Have you ever tuned into a station on shortwave radio reading a message such as the one above ?

You’ll find that there are lots like it at any time of the day. Men and women reading messages in English, German, Spanish, Russian and many other laguages. Some messages feature groups of numbers, some groups of letters.

These are the so-called “Numbers Stations”.

Where and when do I find them ?
What are they for ?

These are a couple of questions that we hope to answer…..


is the

European Numbers Information Group and Monitoring Association.

A new group has been formed in the UK devoted to exploring the Numbers Stations mystery. A regular newsletter is being produced giving detailed information on times, frequencies and characteristics of
the Numbers Stations.

ENIGMA is also a discussion forum and with the help of regular monitors it will be possible to uncover a vital clue to the whereabouts, purpose or meaning of a given transmission. You can help by participating!

ENIGMA is based in Europe but we welcome help and information from listeners world-wide.

Issues 1 and 2 of the Newsletter are already available:


This was the introductory issue with 7 pages of times, frequencies and schedules of the known regular European Numbers Stations. There is detailed information about:

The Lincolnshire Poacher
Swedish Rhapsody
The Counting Stations
The Russian Man
The Phonetic Alphabet Stations


Features in-depth analysis of the “Lincolnshire Poacher” together with more details of Numbers Stations Schedules. 12 pages in total.


Is due for publication in early October 1993 and will feature a detailed look at the “Phonetic Alphabet” stations. The deadline for the submission of your letters and logs is 16th August 1993.

The ENIGMA Newsletter is available for just the cost of postage or the equivalent in International Reply Coupons (IRCs). Please send stamps/IRCs/donations and your address to:

Chris Midgley
195 Roberttown Lane
West Yorkshire
WF15 7LE
United Kingdom

Chris respectfully asks you not to send envelopes!

Meanwhile, I will be happy to co-ordinate the electronic side of things here on USENET. Any reference material, archive articles and logs sent to me will be passed on to Chris for inclusion into the newsletters.

You can reach me at:

Mike Chace <mi…@praxis.co.uk>

Have fun and remember to keep listening!


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