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HM01 – De La Chica

Nickname: Voce De La Chica
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: AM, LSB
Voice Summary: Female, Cuban/South American accent
Believed Country of Origin: Cuba

Station Structure


Station Summary

HM01 appeared sometime around 2012 replacing a majority of schedules for its parents V02a and SK01. HM01 is a hybrid of these two stations. It sends 5 figure call ups using the current voice circuit of V02a, and the message is sent in the RDFT mode used by SK01 emitting in AM. The station appears daily, and has frequencies that ensure it transmits almost every hour (that is, if its operators don’t mess it up).

Like the rest of the Cuban family, HM01 is no stranger to mistakes due to poor operation. It has been logged before that two HM01 transmissions were sent on the same frequency, creating a mess of data noise and voice jamming one another. It has also often been noted of the carrier used to indicate an HM01 transmission appearing, but with no broadcast. On occasions operators mistakenly send it as a V02a transmission, then (but not always) correcting it with the data mode appearing some time later on.

More information on RDFT and how to decode it here.

Related Stations: V02a, M08a, SK01
Station Family: Family 18 “Cuban”


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