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X06 – Mazielka

Name: Mazielka
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: AM, USB, and USB + Carrier
Location: Russia
Variants: X06a, X06b, X06c

Station Summary

X06 is a diplomatic selective call system and it broadcasts on many different frequencies.  It uses a series of 6 different tones in a repeating series (ex. 152346).  Each tone corresponds to a certain number which is also listed below.  CROWD36 data is also related to X06 and can commonly be heard after an X06 broadcast (usually on a different frequency).  X06 has been active since the 1970’s and has 3 variants.

An X06 message is like an alert for the recipient that a message is
being sent, and the message usually is sent in CROWD36 data mode.
(See Below)

X06 Tones

1 = 840 Hz 2 = 870 Hz 3 = 900 Hz
4 = 930 Hz 5 = 970 Hz 6 = 1015 Hz



X06a is a variant that uses two alternating tones instead of 6.
These broadcasts are less common than X06 as well.  (scale ex. 121212)


X06b is a variant where one tone is used longer than the others
in the pattern.  Although it usually has 5 tones, 6 can rarely be
heard.  X06b is much more rare than a typical X06 broadcast.


X06c is a variant where the tones constantly repeat in a rising pattern (only 123456).





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