E03 – The Lincolnshire Poacher

Nickname: The Lincolnshire Poacher
Activity: Inactive Since 2008
Emission Mode: USB
Voice Summary: Automated woman’s voice. Very cheery sounding. Inflection in voice would go up for last numbers in a group. Early transmissions were made by a male and the music was played non-electronically.
Believed Country of Origin: United Kingdom (transmitted from Cyprus)[10]


Station Summary

Perhaps one of the best known examples of a numbers station. Early reports show evidence that E03 had existed since the 1970’s and possibly earlier with a different set up. At the time the Lincolnshire Poacher used a male voice, and non-electronic music, transmitting from Her Majesty’s Government Communications Centre in Gawcott near Buckinghamshire in England in AM mode.  It was also a common victim of heavy jamming attempts.[7][8] E03 was also once featured on BBC Radio 1 where recording samples from the station were played on the air.[11]
The Lincolnshire Poacher we know today transmitted from a large military site in Cyprus emitting in USB mode.  Although it was originally thought to be transmitted from Egypt,[2] this was never the case.  At the beginning of the hour E03 would appear with its opening interval music, the first verse of an English folk tune known as “The Lincolnshire Poacher” played to sound like a calliope machine. After the music played the female voiced machine would identify who the message was for with a 5 digit call up. The message was announced by 3 chimes and the voice would read 200 message groups. All E03 transmissions lasted for 45 minutes. Transmissions would appear every day of the week from 1200-2200 UTC.[9]
The voice itself was unique to most numbers station. Unlike most with voices that were obviously robotic, E03 had a life-like manner in which it read its messages. The last two numbers in each group would go up in pitch.
Transmissions were sent simultaneously on three different frequencies. This was due to the jamming attempts that often happened during E03 broadcasts (rumored jamming of the station were said to be originated from Iran).[1]
E03 transmissions were last logged in the summer of 2008, its sister E03a (ex-E04) ceased a year later.  The last logs of E03 were on July 2nd and possibly on July 3rd of 2008.[4]
Some photos of E03’s transmission site can be viewed on the website of author Simon Mason: http://www.simonmason.karoo.net/page496.htm

Full Linconshire Poacher transcript 26th, 1996 at 21:00 UTC on 13.375 MHz USB from London.

Family Relatives: E03a (ex E04)
Station Family: Family 10 “MI6”

Station Structure


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[E03 Recording From Simon Mason’s Website]

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