E03a – Cherry Ripe

Nickname: Cherry Ripe
Activity: Inactive Since 2009
Emission Mode:
Voice Summary: Same voice as E03. Automated woman’s voice, very cheery sounding. Inflection in voice would go up for last numbers in a group.
Believed Country of Origin: United Kingdom (transmitted in Guam and/or Australia)


Station Summary

Cherry Ripe was a sister station to E03. E03a was practically the same as E03, except at the beginning of the hour E03a would appear with its opening interval music, the first verse of an English folk tune known as “Cherry Ripe”. The voice was the same, the set up was the same, and E03a also read 200 message groups lasting for 45 minutes emitted in USB.
Locations suggested Cherry Ripe was transmitted from a site in Guam, then later in its life it was traced to Northern Australia. In 2009 Cherry Ripe ceased, a year after the loss of The Lincolnshire Poacher.
E03a originally had the ID E04 but was later changed to its variant ID because it follows the same format as E03[1]  It also used to be called “The Lincolnshire Poacher Two (The Cherry Picker)”.[2]

Family Relatives: E03
Station Family: Family 10 “MI6”

Station Structure


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2.)        “Lincolnshire Poacher Two (The Cherry Picker)” ENIGMA Newsletter
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