E06 – The English Man



Nickname: The English Man “00000”
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier, USB (formerly AM)
Voice Summary: Automated male voice, had many voice changes during its existence. Current voice is a very low, slightly accented baritone. Speaks very calmly
Believed Country of Origin: Russia

Station Summary

E06 is a Russian numbers station that has been active since the 1970’s and has changed transmission modes and voices many times since then.  The audio for E06 is fed through windows 7 and so there are occasionally sounds heard from the operating system. If E06 sends more than one message, then instead of “00000”, the transmission ID is spoken again for one minute, then the regular format continues.

On June 11th, 2014, E06 was seen using USB mode with no carrier, and was seen again with no carrier on September 19th, 2014. E06 has two variants, E06a and E06b.


E06a is an inactive variant of E06 that sends 2 messages instead of 1.  The first message is always two groups being 11111 and 000##, then usually afterward it will follow the format of a regular E06 transmission.

E06b is a variant that has an additional 5 figure group after the 1st ID and sends 2 messages, then ends with 00000.

Family Relatives: E17, E20(?), G06, S06, V06, M14, M24, S25
Station Family: Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU” [The 00000 Family]
Station Structure

Null Structure


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