E07 – The English Man “000 000”

Nickname: The English Man "000 000"
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: AM, or USB
Voice Summary: Automated Male, with an american accent.  Early in it's existence it shared the various voices used by E06.
Believed Country of Origin: Russia

Station Summary

E07 is run by the Russian SVR, it has changed it's voice over time and switched from using E06's to it's current voice in 2001.  There are still a few rare instances where E07 will use E06's voice.  Before the voice change, the only way to identify E07 from E06 was it's strucure.


Family Relatives: E07a, G07, G17(?), G19(?), S07, V07, M12
Station Family: Family 1 Subfamily B “KGB/FSB/GRU” [The 000 Family]

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