E15 – Nancy Adam Susan

Nickname: Nancy Adam Susan
Activity: Inactive
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier
Voice Summary:
Possibly automated voice, though live read could be possible as well. Both male and female voices have read the transmissions with noticeable Arabic accents.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Summary

This station, like E10, utilised letters rather than numbers, but E15 did not use the standard NATO. The indication in had Arabic origin stemmed from the reversed group count employed and triangulation attempts pointed to Egyptian origin. The station emitted in USB very strongly in countries in Europe near Africa, but was weak farther north.  E15 was last heard in 2006.[1]

E15 Phonetic

A= Adam B= Baker C= Charlie D= David E= Edward
F= Frank G= George H= Henry I= Italy J= John
K= King L= Louis M= Mary N= Nancy O= Otto
P= Peter Q= Queen R= Robert S= Susan T= Thomas
U= Union V= Victor W= Wiliam X= X-Ray Y= Young
Z= Zebra

Station Structure

Null Structure


1.)        “ENIGMA Control List #25.” ENIGMA 2000, Feb. 2011. Web. 20 Sept. 2014.

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