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G01 – The Tyrolean Music Station

Nickname: The Tyrolean Music Station
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Pre-recorded voice of a man. Readings sound live read, but voice has been used for other stations.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Summary

G01 was a very interesting station when it existed. By the way it sounded the listener would assume it could have been another spy station run by the East Germans. That wasn’t exactly the case. G01 was surprisingly a French station, operated by the Service de Documentation Extérieur et de Contre-Espionnage. The way it was set up was purposefully misleading, as it was sending coded messages to agents who were behind the Iron Curtain. Hearing the scales from the Communist anthem Internationale and Tyrolean and German folk music, one would hardly consider the French as a possibility. G01 and its variants emitted in AM.


G01a was a variant of G01 that sent irregular tunes in the interval.

Station Structure

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