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Variant Information

Activity: Inactive

Station Summary

Another G01 variant that also has irregular tunes in the interval. This variant also replaces the 5 figure numbers with phrase messages. These messages are likely cryptic messages.
A recording of G01b from 1971 is included on The Conet Project (labelled only as G01) gives an example of the message. The transmission read:
Helmut grüßt Franz. Guten Tag. Die Größen sechundzwanzig bis zweiunddreißig passen mir gut. Die Sonne scheint herrlich. Unsere Henne ist dabei ein Ei zu legen. Alles Gute. Auf Wiederhören.
Translated the message says:
Helmut greets Franz. Good day/Hello. The size 26 to 32 fit me good/well. The sun is shining marvellously. Our hen is about to lay an egg. All is good. Until I hear from you again/Goodbye.

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