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G06 – The German Lady

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Nickname: The German Lady
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier
Voice Summary: Female voice circuit played on Stasi Sprach/Morse Maschine with speed adjusted 1 notch slower than default. Has the signature distinct hard R in ‘drei’ that is very noticeable at its speed setting.
Believed Country of Origin: Russia


Station Summary

As of 2014 G06 is the only German language station that is still active. Uses radio variant German for 2 and 5. G06 is run by a computer using windows 7, operated by the SVR

Family Relatives: E06, E17, E20, S06, V06, M14, M24, S25
Station Family: Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU” [The 00000 Family]


1988 recording of possible early variant of G06 received on 6.455 mHz. By Graf Baltar. Notice the ending with “Ende”, not “000” as common day G06. It may be possible that G06 early variant was used by East German STASI and after its demise was adapted by Russian GRU.
Station Structure
Null Structure


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