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G10 – Bert Kaempfert

Nickname: Bert Kaempfert
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Believed Country of Origin:
(Possibly) Poland

Station Summary

Not much is known about this station, but it was categorised into the Polish Strich family. Actual origin of this country is unknown. Unlike its Strich sisters E11, G11, S11, and S11a it played interval music before transmissions like G02/G02a.

G10 played two songs by Bert Kaempfert twice each; Wunderland bei Nacht and Dreaming of Blues. Instead of the typical call up / group the Strich set up was the group count and a “triplet” (ex: 32 / 222). The numbers also weren’t read singularly (the drei zwo Strich zwo zwo zwo) but read the numbers together. 32/222 was read as zwounddriezig Strich zwohundertzwoundzwozig. Emitted in AM.

Family Relatives: E11, G11, S11, S11a (ex-S12), M3, S26, M20
Station Family:
Family 3 “Strich”

Station Structure

Null Structure

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