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G14 – DFC37 / DFD21


Nickname: DFC37/DFD21
Activity: Inactive
Emission mode: AM, then USB
Voice Summary: Used live/pre-recorded announcer until the late 80’s. Switched to an automated woman’s voice.
Believed Country of Origin: West Germany

Station Summary

Station operated by West German BND. Early set up was different. Instead of phonetic alphabet and singular numbers the station call up was HIER IST DFC SEBENUNDDREIZIG or HIER IST DFD EINUNDZWEIZIG (Here is DFC 37 or Here is DFD 21) in a pre-recorded voice. The messages were then sent by a live announcer until they completely switched to a synth. Used radio variant German for 2 and 5. First logged in the 1970’s. Emitted in AM and was repeated later in USB.

(NOTE: In the Conet Project with this station and other stations in Family 6 there is an awful trancription of the message announcements. In the notes of the Conet Project they list this as “Es folgen talon für”. This is not the proper term, and is incredibly bad German. The actual announcemnt is “Es folgen Mitteilungen für”, meaning ‘messages for … are following’.)

A declassified polish counter-intelligence document includes information about cryptography and encryption of the station.


G14a was a variant that did not have the phonetic call up in the preamble, and was read by a live announcer.

Family Relatives: G15, G16, E16, M15
Station Family: Family 6 “BND/FRG”

Previously unknown recording from 1991 by Frank from Germany

Station Structure

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