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G20 – Spruch

Nickname: Spruch
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Possibly live/pre-recorded OR automated man and woman’s voices used.
Believed Country of Origin:
Disputed- evidence points to this station being from France (see station summary)

Station Summary
Interval music varied with each Spruchnummer, for example Spruchnummer 1 played “Schubert’s Serenade”, Spruchnummer 4 played “Mexican Hat Dance”. “ZEIT” was a date/time group. Emitted in AM.

An addendum by R. Grey:

Ownership of this station has been disputed for many years. According to listeners the announcers spoke with an accent that indicated they were not naturally German speaking. Even so, initially G20’s origin was attributed to East or West Germany, and was later theorised to belong to Austria, Switzerland, and even Hungary.

In my free time I listen to old numbers recordings, which is often since my free time is in abundance. I have listened to recording over and over again –favourably the German ones due to my fascination with the language.
I had noticed some time ago a recording of G20 with a male voice that sounded strikingly similar to the accented voice heard on G01, especially in the pronunciation of “Achtung” and “Drei”. Not to mention G01 and G20 sent transmissions with identical elements (always starting with “Achtung, achtung” and ending with “Ende, ende”). G01 was traced back to France. Could it be possible G20 was also from France? Could G20 have been a replacement for G01?

Comparison between G01 and the male voice from G20 edited together by me. Pay attention to “Achtung”, “Ein(s)”, “Drei”, and “Zero”: https://soundcloud.com/android-157/g01-and-g20-voice-comparison


G20a was a variant that only sent one 5 digit group (repeated twice) in AM.

Station Structure

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