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Name: None
Emission Mode: ICW, MCW
Believed Country of Origin: Russia

Station Structure

ID (###) 3x, number of messages usually 1 (#) [Both Repeated 2 minutes], 3/4 figure decode key, Group Count (##) [Repeated Together 2x] 5 Figure Single Groups, ends 000 000
Null Format: ID (###), then 000, repeats for 2 minutes

Station Summary

M12 repeats in 20 minute intervals, but if it’s a null message the last broadcast will not send just like E07. M12 sends Morse at 15 wpm until the 3/4 figure decode key then switches to either 25 or 29 wpm.

M12a is the ID when more than one message is sent
Related Stations: E07, G07, S07, V07, XP, XPA, XPA2

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