S10 – Czech Lady

Nickname: Czech Lady
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated and live female voice. Also used a male voice.
Believed Country of Origin:
Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic

Station Structure

Interval Music (Solfège 5 notes rising and falling) [Rest of Set up is unknown]

Station Summary

Emitted in AM, use both a male and female voice, and also had many variants. S10 was first spotted around the the late 1970’s.

On January 23rd, 2015 the Swedish Security Service released details on the use of this station on their main website.  They also released a recording from their own archives and reveal its use during the cold war.  The station was from Czechoslovakia and the intended recipient was a Swedish Spy.  The recording they released was actually a live read message and not automated.

This article goes into greater detail and includes a recording of the message.


S10a is variant that had a 555 idler. Ex.  “555 (x3) 000 Konec”. Emitted in AM.

S10b was a variant that had a different interval

S10c was a variant that had an additional 3 figure ID.

Nicknamed “Bulgarian Betty”. Might not be a variant but it follows the same setup.  Despite the name, the stations language is actually in Czech.

Slovak variant

Family Relatives: G18(?), M10, M07, S10d(?)
Station Family:
Family 9 Subfamily A “Czech”


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