S17 – Czech Lady “Control”

Nickname: Czech Lady
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice.
Believed Country of Origin:
Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic

Station Structure

555 (x3) 313 (x3) 05 (all repeated for 5 minutes) 313 (x3) 42 (x2) 05 (x2) POZOR POZOR MESSAGE GROUP (#####) (x3) POZOR POZOR 42 (x2) 05 (x2) KONEC KONEC

Station Summary

This station always sent the same call up (555), ID (313), and 42 and 05. 42 is possibly a decode key, but 05 does not indicate a group count, but rather how many digits are in the single group sent. The 5 digit group varied, but were related. Emitted in AM.


S17a was a variant that sent no call up or group indication.

S17b: S17b was a variant that sent a message group with only one digit.

S17c: A variant that emitted in USB, not much else is known.

Family Relatives: S18, S19, M39(?)
Station Family:
Family 9 Subfamily C “Czech”

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