S21 – Russian Lady/Russian Man

Nickname: Russian Lady/Russian Man
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Originally female automation. Later switched to S06’s voice.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Structure

CALL UP (###) (repeated for 5 minutes) 2ND ID (###) (x2) GROUP COUNT (##+) (x2) [RAZDEL (RAZDEL) (see summary)] MESSAGES GROUPS (#####) (repeated x2 each) [RAZDEL (RAZDEL)] 2ND ID (x2) GROUP COUNT (x2) 000

Station Summary

S21 can be described as a cross between the 00000 family and 000 family, since it contained a structure belonging to both. It was a voice counterpart to subfamily c Morse stations. In some early recordings you can hear a term before and sometimes after the message groups are read (sometimes twice). According to Numbers & Oddities the term appears to be RAZDEL. This disappeared when it switched to S06’s voice. S21 earlier was recorded on tape, then transmitted. This method made it hard to understand at certain times and many mistakes happened. Emitted in USB.

Family Relatives: M45, M01, M50, S27
Station Family:
Family 14 “M1”

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