S25 – Russian Man “Control”

Nickname: Russian Man “Control”
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated man’s voice. Possibly the same voice as S06.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Structure

615 (x3) 5 DIGIT GROUP (#####) (x2) (repeats for 10 minutes)

Station Summary

Always had 615 as an ID, then sent one 5 digit group. It appeared on another frequency with another related 5 digit group. Not logged very often but had been reported in the early 2000’s. Emitted in AM.


S25a: A variant that features stutter groups.

S25b: S25b is an ID used for when S25 sends longer messages.

S25c: S25c was a variant of S25 that was transmitted on 14720 kHz.  It has a single message group with ID “615”.

Family Relatives: E06, E20(?), G06, S06, V06, M14, M24, M25
Station Family:
Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU”

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