V01 – The Skylark

Nickname: Ciocîrlia / The Skylark
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
A pre-recorded male voice reading off numbers in Romanian.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Structure

INTERVAL MUSIC (“Ciocîrlia” [The Skylark]) (x2) 0##+05 (Always starts with a zero next two digits are the group count then signifying the groups are 5 digits) MESSAGE GROUPS (#####) (only read once) TERMINAT TERMINAT TERMINAT [Null messages were just the music and TERMINAT over and over]

Station Summary

The interval music used for this station is a very well-known folk melody, known by nearly everyone in Romania. Which would pose no surprise Romanian intelligence would use such music for their agents to find. At the beginning of the hour, in AM, the melody known natively as “Ciocîrlia” would play twice, and then the voice of a man would appear. These voices are live or pre-recorded, as different men have been noted when V01 broadcasted. If there was no message, the announcer would simply say ‘terminat’ two or three times before the music resumed. If there was a message 5 figure groups would be read in Romanian, ending with ‘terminat’.

List of Romanian Numbers

1 = Unu 2 = Doi 3 = Trei
4 = Patru 5 = Cinci 6 = Şase
7 = Şapte 8 = Opt 9 = Nouă
0 = Zero


Family Relatives: E06, E20(?), G06, S06, V06, M14, M24, M25
Station Family:
Family 16 “Romanian

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