V08 – Eastern Music Station

Nickname: Eastern Music Station
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Possibly live read voice. Person reading the numbers would change. All voices spoke in Arabic.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Structure

INTERVAL MUSIC (Arabic music, music by Umm Kultum [like E25] or Magnetic Fields [like E09]) CALL UP MESSAGE GROUPS (####) TERM FOR REPEAT (x2) (message repeats) INTERVAL MUSIC (ends transmission)

Station Summary

V08 was the Arabic language sibling of E09. Like E09 the schedule was erratic and had a poor AM signal. Originally this station used Eastern styled music as an interval, normally (like E25) music by Umm Kultum. Later in its existence it caused some confusion by switching to E09’s signature Magnetic Fields.

List of Arabic Numbers

1 (۱) = wāḥid (واحِد) 2 (۲) = ithnān (إثْنان) 3 (۳) = thalāthah (أربَعة)
4 (٤/۴) = arbaʿah (أربَعة) 5 (۵) = khamsah (خَمْسة) 6 (٦/۶) = sittah (سِتّة)
7 (۷) = sabʿah (سَبعة) 8 (۸) = thamāniyah (ثَمانية) 9 (۹) = tisʿah (تِسعة)
0 (۰) = ṣifr (صِفْر)

(A guide to their pronunciations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1Nm5-A-108 )

Family Relatives: E09, E25(?)
Station Family:
Family 12

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