V12 – NNN

Nickname: NNN
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice speaking in the French language. Usually slow in reading with incredibly monotone voice, originally a very high dramatic voice was used.
Believed Country of Origin:

Station Structure

N N N (sent in morse code for 5 minutes) GROUPE (##+) (x2) MESSAGE GROUPS (#####) (repeated x2 each) FINIS

Station Summary

The NNN family of stations is a network determined to have been run by the Austrian HNA (after some argument as there was suggestions to the CIA or MOSSAD). All NNN stations emitted in AM.

List of French Numbers

1 = Un 2 = Deux 3 = Trois
4 = Quatre 5 = Cinq 6 = Six
7 = Sept 8 = Huit 9 = Neuf
0 = Zéro

(A guide to their pronunciations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3nx1xlg19I )

Family Relatives:
G12(?), E12, V18, M02
Station Family:
Family 4 “NNN”

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