V15 – Radio Pyongyang

Nickname: Radio Pyongyang
Emission mode:
USB + Carrier
Voice Summary:
Male and female live announcer in Korean.
Believed Country of Origin:
North Korea

Station Structure

See summary.

The Radio Pyongyang usual broadcast is interrupted by musical score that determines recipient of the message, then the message follows: “Now we’ll begin a mathematics review assignment for members of the 27th expeditionary unit of the distance learning university,”

A message then consists of: “Turn to page 459, question 35; 913, question 55; 135, question 86.”


“the 27th expeditionary unit” indicated the agent ID 27 and who has special musical score “”We Will Go Together with a Song Of Joy” played before the message. The Agent 21 song is “Spring in My Hometown”

Station Summary 

First observed in the 80’s, and ceased activity around the year 2000. V15 became active again in 2016 with a new message format.
Transmits via Radio Pyongyang. Emits in AM. More here: http://www.cvni.net/radio/nsnl/nsnl016/nsnl16kr.html

Message activity in 2016-2017 has been observed on 3320, 33250 and 6400 kHz

On Thursdays 16:15 UTC On Saturday Nights 15:15 UTC

It has been reported that it had sent message on 16:15 UTC at Friday (April 14, 2017) although it may had been involved with special “Day of Sun” celebrations on April 15 and served as greeting message for the agents.

Messages however, are not in regular weekly interval.


Full recording with musical intro and outro. Message repeated twice. Recorded on April 27 2017






How to find the Pyongyang numbers station (V15) including an off-air recording



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