T Marker (K66Z)



Name: The T marker/dash marker
Callsign: K66Z
Former callsigns used: OSNOVA-48, RYABINA-68
Country of Origin: Russia
Voice Summary: Male/Female live voice
Frequency: 4182.00 kHz (since April 4, 2018)
Mode: USB
Counterpart Stations: unknown

Station summary: 

The T marker or the dash marker was first discovered in July of 2015 and has been broadcasting on a number of frequencies since, currently transmitting on 4182.00kHz. It is believed to be operated in the western military district as a command station and transmits messages in monolith format like the buzzer (S28), the Pip (S30), The Wheel (S32), etc. The first message from the station was recorded April 4th, 2018 which addressed messages to OSNOVA-48. Later that year in December, RYABINA-68 was the callsign up until January first when it used K66Z which is the callsign currently used. As of now the station does not send messages frequently however the channel marker can be heard 24/7.