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The Air Horn

Name: The Air Horn
Emission Mode: USB
Frequency: 4020.00kHz
Voice Summary: Male/Female
Counterpart Stations: The Alarm, possibly The Goose
Location: believed to be located near Smolensk Russia

Station summary: 

The Air horn is a Russian military station operated in the western military district. It transmits on 4020.00kHz and broadcasts its channel marker 24/7. On May 24th the Air Horn switched to 4070.00kHz only recently switching back to 4020.00kHz on July 5th 2019. The reason it is called the Air Horn is because of the channel markers sound. This station has not transmitted any message traffic, only test counts and other tests.

  • On May 24th 2019, the air horn switched frequencies from 4020.00kHz, to 4070.00kHz.

Test samples:

  • test counts heard on the station

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