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The Alarm


Name: The Alarm
Emission Mode: USB
Frequency: 4770.00kHz
Voice Summary: Male
Counterpart Stations: Ohvat-98, the air horn
Location: believed to be located near Smolensk Russia

Station summary: 

On May 14th 2019, it was discovered that the goose or OHVAT-98 was transmitting on it’s original frequency of 4770.00kHz until May 15th. On May 16th, a new signal was heard on 4770.00kHz which sounded similar to that of the air horn. the channel marker transmitted sounds that sounded like an alarm which we have now named the Alarm marker. From the information we have gathered, we do believe this to be a newly discovered Russian military station using a channel marker. We have reason to believe this because of the back and forth switching between 3310.00kHz and 4770.00kHz, as well as signal strength with the goose and the air horn, the sound the channel makes, the activity heard, and the presumed location of the signal. This station might be used for testing purposes like the air horn on 4020.00kHz and we have speculated this marker could be apart of the western military district. A test count from this station was heard but no audio could be recorded.

Frequency – The marker has switched to 3310.00kHz, only to return to 4770.00kHz later in the day. After monitoring for a few days, we did confirmed that the marker would not be stationary on 3310 but change from 3310.00kHz to 4770.00kHz due to night and day time like S30, S32, OHVAT-98 etc. The marker has now been permanently on 4770 but this can change at any time.

Updates – 

  • Update June 1st 2019 – The marker has still been transmitting on 4770.00kHz, still no message activity which furthers our theory for testing purposes, although other stations have gone up with no message activity for some time and then messages are sent daily 
  • Update May 26th 2019 – The Alarm has returned, we have noticed that it has been staying on 4770.00kHz instead of switching to 3310.00kHz due to day time, this could mean it will stay on 4770 permanently but we are not sure as we have noticed it has changed at random points. 
  • Update May 25 2019 – we have noticed that the marker stopped transmitting on Thursday the 23, we do not know why but it could support the theory that this was a station used for testing purposes . If not on a different frequency, then perhaps it could be dormant. Channel markers for military stations have gone silent in the past with no message activity as well, only to return months later. 


More info will be updated here on the marker, this information can change at any time.


  • first recording of the marker on 4770.00kHz


TDoa scans have shown that Alarm Marker might be transmitting somewhere near the Smolensk region or Belarus. Smolensk would make the most sense as that is where the goose and air horn transmit.


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