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E11 / E11a – Oblique

Nickname: Oblique

Activity: Active

Emission Mode: USB

Voice Summary: Automated female voice with Eastern European accent. Odd pronunciations of the numbers.

Location: Poland

Station Summary: 

E11/E11a is a very active station operated by Polish AW which has existed since the early 80’s. Nicknamed Oblique since the station uses “Oblique” for a dash “/”. E11 is the ID given when there is a null message. E11a is the ID given when the station sends a message. During particular times of the month this station sends a message, so E11a is used as the identifier for messages.  Although E11 is a designator for a null message, a scheduled E11 can send a message instead of a null.
E11/E11a is sent through a computer operating on windows XP and sounds from the OS can occasionally be heard during broadcasts.

  • There are 2 variants to this station, the first being E11b which appeared in 2003 and then E11c in 2010.


E11b is an E11 variant first reported in 2003 and ceasing in 2009. This type of transmission always sent 30+ groups beginning and ending with a 77777 stutter group, pausing every 10 groups. Emitted in USB like all transmissions and could possibly return in the future.


E11c is a variant of E11 first reported in 2010 and last logged in 2013. It could possibly return. This was a counterpart to the Morse STRICH station.

Station Structure:

Null Structure: 


Family Relatives: G11, S11, S11a, M3, G10, S26, M20
Station Family: Family 3 “Strich”

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