S06 – The Russian Man

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Nickname: The Russian Man
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB + Carrier
Voice Summary: Voice changed often throughout its existence. Currently an automated man’s voice in nasally Russian.
Believed Country of Origin: Russia


Station Summary

Russian brother to E06. Has many variants, and is operated by the Russian SVR.


S06 variant “idler” format. Sends 55555 00000. Activity is unknown, but still could show up.


S06b is an S06 transmission with two messages and follows a different format.

S06c is a variant of S06 that sends a single 5 digit group for 4 minutes and always starts with 11. Emitted in either AM or USB.

Example of transmission above:
“11007” for 4 minutes

S06d sends an ID plus a 3 digit stutter group “111”. Repeats the 5 zero end twice. Emitted in AM or USB and is possibly still active..

S06e is an S06 transmission with more than one message. More than two messages possibly.  Emits in USB or AM mode.

S06f is a variant that sends a 3 group message ending with 00000.

S906g is a pending variant of S06.  It was first spotted on March 2nd, 2014 on 11703 kHz.  Has the same format as S06 but with an additional 5 Figure header.

Family Relatives: E06, E17, E20, G06, V06, M25, M25
Station Family: Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU” [The 00000 Family]

Station Structure

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