Welcome to the NSRIC (Numbers Station Research and Information Center) main website. We are an organization that focuses on the interest of number stations and spy related activity. Check our introduction here for a detailed summary. This site is our project which is used to keep all of our info easily available.

The information on this site is considered public domain or has been declassified.  To our knowledge, we have not disclosed any confidential information.


Meet the team!

Noted members of the team are:

  • Shazape – Keeps NSRIC alive and first founded NSRIC with a bunch of others.
  • Maris – Founding member and is our local historian, expert in history.
  • WeightedCube-Ali – One of the founding members, and is knowledgeable in radio.
  • Yuri – designer, editor and expert in military equipment

Remember, Everyone is part of NSRIC Team! This is just here to shout out our most notable members. If you feel like you should be included, shoot a message to us by email or IRC!

Copyright Statement

All original content posted within this site is copyright of www.numbers-stations.com and its contributors.  All third party information is copyright of their original owners and is distributed on this site with fair use for research and historical purposes.  Credit is given in the references section whenever applicable.

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