Military Stations

Military stations use code words or digital transmissions to communicate.  These are often confused with number stations, but they are not.  These stations are for internal military use, not for sending coded messages to spies located in distant countries.  They also do not use a one time pad encryption.  Code words are usually meant to correspond to a command in a code book.

Russian Military Stations

Western Military District

UVB-76 The Buzzer

The Goose

The Alarm

The Air Horn

T Marker / K66Z

D Marker / Fazan-37


Southern Military District

The Squeaky Wheel

The Pip




Other Russian Profiles

Duga – Russian over the horizon radar

Russian Naval Frequencies

Russian Air Force Stations


Russian Military Docs

Russian Military Airfields and Communications Objects Around NATO, Ukrainian and Finnish Borders
Russian Phonetic Conversions
Message Types
Russian Military Shortwave Radio Network
Russian Naval Bases
Russian Military Signal Orders
Example of the Use of Russian Military Radio Call Signs and Frequencies

US Air Force

HF-GCS and Emergency Action Messages


Israel Navy

4XZ Morse Station



VC01 – The Chinese Robot



The Japanese Slot Machine – XSL