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Hello and welcome! We are The Numbers Stations Research and Information Center, a project that is dedicated to the research, information gathering, and publishing about number stations.  We also focus on military stations, other shortwave radio phenomena, and spy related activity.  These stations provide important info on the Russian and US military, intelligence, and radio history.

This information may seem overwhelming so we recommend reading our introduction for a detailed summary and how to get started.  This site is our project which is used to keep all of our info easily accessible.

We believe that information about intelligence activity on the radio waves must be freely available. Our goal is to research, publish, and popularize shortwave radio and numbers stations worldwide.  This also helps to clear up any misinformation that might appear for these topics. Our team works at many places across the world.  We regularly follow and analyze the events in the shortwave radio spectrum and beyond.

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Everyone can be a part of the NSRIC team! If you have an interest in contributing, then please send us a message through the discord channel or contact us by email.  You can help our team by posting your recordings in our database or sharing our YouTube channel.  If you want and are able to support the project, you can do it with PayPal.  All amounts of donations will be appreciated!

The Numbers Stations Listeners Starter Guide is dedicated for people who want to start listening to transmissions on shortwave radio.  There’s also many guides on how each individual station works, and whether or not it’s still active.  Since stations usually broadcast on a schedule, we can even predict the next time one will start up!


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Number Stations Signal and Intelligence Ops

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One of the main goals of The Numbers Stations Research and Information Center is to create the most reliable source possible on Number Stations and Military stations that we can.  Our station profiles and articles are backed by long term observations of ours and other writers and websites.

Besides observations, we also utilize scholarly and other reputable professional sources whenever possible.  We always use multiple sources to verify our information.  Many of them are well known and highly regarded in the shortwave radio listening and number stations community.

The NSRIC has also proudly been featured in popular media outlets including The BBC, The Kyiv Independent, even The History Channel, and much more.

Number Stations Websites and Groups

The original European Numbers Information Gathering and Monitoring Association group.  This group of enthusiasts was the first to give numbers stations official ID’s and nicknames.  Well known for their research and newsletters.

The continuation of the original ENIGMA group that disbanded in 2000.  They have carried on their work ever since, still writing newsletters on number stations.  Well known for maintaining a schedule on when stations will transmit.

The Monitoring Times
The monitoring times wrote about number stations around the same time that ENIGMA did.  Their magazine also has some of the most valuable info on stations that never even had an ID.

Numbers & Oddities
N&O is an excellent website with many rare recordings and information on number stations and other shortwave radio oddities.

The Crypto Museum
The Crypto Museum is virtual museum that collects and preserves cryptography machines, radios, actual ciphers, and much more.

Simon Mason’s Website – Now Archived
One of the best resources for information on Numbers Stations was Simon Mason’s website.  Thankfully it’s been archived and all of the information is still available.  The last archive date was in June of 2017.

Another numbers station enthusiast group that also writes profiles, blog posts, and monitors the stations.


Books and Media

The Conet Project
An excellent 5 CD collection of rare recordings that also includes great information in the 79 page booklet included.

Secret Signals – The Euronumbers Mystery
by Simon Mason 1991

Intercepting Numbers Stations
by Langley Pierce 1994

Shadows of the State
by Lewis Bush 2018

Guide to Embassy and Espionage Communications
by Tom Kneitel (1986)

The Top Secret Registry of U. S. Government
by Tom Kneitel (1983)

How to Tune the Secret Shortwave Spectrum
by Harry L. Helms (1981)

The CIA Library
We use the CIA Library and the CIA CREST archive as a source for our HF-GCS article, and many others.  We have also selected the best sources of information that include or may include numbers stations use.

Note to journalists

If you wish to write an article about the topics discussed on our site, please search and read through our station profiles, articles, and documents, before sending questions or asking for an interview. Or send a request to provide what information is needed for your publication.

As professionals in this subject, we expect the journalists to write a factual, source-based, and unbiased publications on numbers stations and military stations.

We condemn sensationalist and low studied publications and do not wish to be associated with such. If our content is used in the publication, a direct reference to our site and link to used or cited information is required.

All original content posted within this site is copyright of www.numbers-stations.com and its contributors.  All third party information is copyright of their original owners and is distributed on this site with fair use for research and historical purposes.  Credit is given whenever applicable.