VC01 – The Chinese Robot

VC01 The Chinese Robot Waterfall View
VC01 is a military station that sends Chinese numbers very quickly (approx. 3 numbers per second).  It was nicknamed the Chinese Robot after it’s automated robotic voice.  They change the frequencies based day and nighttime propagation so it’s available for a wide range of time.  VC01 has been active since 2000 and is operated by the Chinese Air Defense.

VC01 Messages Sample


The station constantly sends messages in groups of numbers, separated by pauses.  It’s been rarely observed that phrases in Mandarin will sometimes be spoken before a group.  Some broadcasts will send the numbers slower than usual.  It constantly sends numbers 24/7 on two frequencies at the same time.

Sometimes VC01 frequencies use a live male operator. They talk at normal speed and use the station for radio checks. They do not used the fixed monthly frequencies like the automated numbers do.

VC01 also might change it’s signal in mid-transmission in some instances.


VC01 at Slower Speed

Mandarin Voice In Between Groups

In this recording, the automated voice reads out “侦察机” (reconnaissance aircraft) before one of the number groups.


Station Summary

Nickname: The Chinese Robot
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB
Country of Origin: China


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