E19 – The Irish Man Russian Numbers Station Profile

E19 was likely a short lived numbers station.  Only one known recording of it exists – from the ‘Numbers Racket’ CD in 1998.  This station was nicknamed the Irish Man, though it sounds like it could be an English accent.  The voice also appears to be automated.

E19 has the same message format as the KGB/FSB/GRU operator.  It’s origins are most likely Russian.

Message Recording


E19 Message Format

Preamble Message Outro
104 675 675 51 51 83514 83514
76871 76871 …
675 675 51 51 0 0 0 0 0
3-Digit ID 2nd 3-Digit ID (2x) Group Count
5-Digit paired
message groups
2nd 3-Digit ID repeats (2x) Group Count
Repeats for
a few minutes


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The Irish Man
Activity: Inactive
Voice Summary: Male, slight Irish accent
Location: Possibly Russia


Radio Hobbyist.org E19 Recording