E25 – Rebeat Egyptian Numbers Station

E25 is an Egyptian numbers station that was first reported in 2000. It originally used live voices read by males, then used a very unique automated woman’s voice. Errors are common in E25.  From computer tones, to hearing the operators playing a computer game, to the transmission just screwing up in general.  The musical intro might not play, the transmission could also cut in and out a lot, or just completely stops.  They also might not send the right message to the right ID at times, and have also restarted messages before.

The music is usually from musician Umm Kulthum, but this can vary. Needless to say, E25 is in dire need of component, consistent operators (and perhaps a better voice).

E25 Station Structure

1 kHz tone
570 Message,
0265 9011 0813 5668 … Rebeat,
0265 9011 0813 5668 … End of message End of transmission
Intro 3-digit ID 4-digit groups Repeat 4-digit groups
1 – 3 minutes

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Rebeat
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: AM, USB, or USB + Carrier
Frequencies: 6140, 9450 kHz
Voice Summary: Woman’s voice believed to be automated. Has a very noticeable accent and pronunciation. Sometimes hard to understand.
Believed Country of Origin: Egypt
Family Relatives: [Possibly] E09, V08
Station Family: [Possibly] Family 12


E25 Variants


E25a is a variant of E25 that sends the interval music, then the call up, but no message after.


The Call up of E25a is transmitted in English, but sends the message in Arabic. First reported in 2007, but activity is unknown.  It could still possibly be active. Possibly emits in AM and/or USB.


Possible E25 transmission sites in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt.

E25 transmitter site position shown on google maps
The site at Arab Al Ulayaqat Al Qibliyah

E25 transmitter antenna on google maps
Long periodical antenna

E25 possible alternate transmitter site shown on overhead map
Another possible site at Mokattam, North East Cairo

E25 tall vertical antenna shown on overhead map
Tall vertical antenna


E25 Recording via Token
E25a Recording via Maris