G05 – The Counting Station Numbers Station

G05 was the German language version of The Counting Station operated by the CIA.  It was heard regularly from the mid 1980’s on, following the same format and using the same automated female voice as its number stations counterparts.  The voice also used the German military radio variants of numbers.

It spoke “zwo” (svwoh) in place of “zwei” when reading 2, and ended with “zero” instead of “null”.  G05 ceased operations in 1995, and the last of the schedules it used were replaced by Cynthia.

Message Sample


G05a was a variant that used the common German “zwei” instead of radio variant “zwo”. G05a also used a different voice that was similar to G13’s.  This variant emitted in USB mode.

Message Structure

Preamble Message Repeat Outro
448 448 448 12345
Ten 1 kHz beeps Gruppe 86 876-09 233-19 … Wiederhole Gruppe 86 876-09 233-19 … “Ende”
3-figure ID 3x Counting Group count 5-digit single groups, pauses after 3rd digit Group count 5-digit single groups, pauses after 3rd digit
Repeated for 10 minutes Repeated 2x Repeated 2x


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The Counting Station
Inactive, since 1995
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice. German speaking version of E05.
Believed Country of Origin:
Counterpart Stations: E05, V05, E14, E21, V14
Station Family:
Family 2 “CIA/NSA”


Simon Mason’s Website, “E5 Counting Station”
Message Recording from The Conet Project
G05a Recording from Swldxer