G11 – Strich Polish Numbers Station Profile

G11 is a Polish numbers station that was first logged around 1978 when it replaced G10.  The original G11 had gone inactive in April 1998.  After nine years of inactivity it had returned in 2007.  Then it finally ceased operations in January 2014. It could possibly be reactivated again sometime in the future.

The voice was the same, or almost exactly the same as it’s English counterpart E11.  Emitted in USB mode.

Message Sample

Station Structure

278 Strich 39 Achtung 88904 88904
23107 23107 …
Achtung 11304 31143 … 71135 33879 Ende
3-digit ID / Group count 5-digit paired groups,
pauses every 10 pairs
5-digit single groups,
pauses every 10 groups
Repeats for
3 minutes and 20 seconds

Null Structure

254 Strich 00 Ende
3-digit ID “/”
3 minutes and 20 seconds

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Strich
Inactive, since Jan 2014
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice with an odd German pronunciation. Possibly the same voice as E11, S11/S11a, but in German.
Counterpart Stations: E11, S11, S11a (ex-S12), M3, G10, S26, M20
Station Family:
Family 3 “Strich”


ENIGMA 2000 Newsletter Issue #39 (March 2007), Page 2