G19 – The German Man Numbers Station Profile

Not much is known about G19, The German Man.  The only known recording of it is from The Conet Project, and it’s not the entire message.  It has the same, or at least a very similar voice to G01.  The 000 000 ending sounds like 000000.  Emitted in AM mode.

Partial Message Sample

Message Format

G19’s station structure isn’t fully known, but it possibly follows the 000 style.  Here is the predicted message format.

Preamble Message Outro
483 483 483 1 Achtung 103 103 103 23 23 08115 08115
20061 20061 …
000 000 Ende
3-Digit ID # of messages Attention 2nd ID,
3 or 4
digits (2x)
Group Count
5-Digit paired
message groups
5 minutes


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The German Man
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated man’s voice. Low baritone calm tone.
Believed Country of Origin:
Possibly Russia
Counterpart Stations: E07, G07, G17(?), S07, V07, M12
Station Family:
(Possibly) Family 1 Subfamily B “KGB/FSB/GRU”


The Conet Project – G19 Recording
ENIGMA 2000 Active Stations List V1.3