Emission Mode: USB
Frequency: 4224.00kHz daytime, 3218.50kHz nighttime
Counterpart Stations: The Squeaky Wheel, The Pip, The Goose
Believed Country of Origin: Russia
Schedule: around 8:00, 11:00, 14:00, 20:00 UTC (may not always transmit)

Station Summary

Katok-65 is a callsign used by the Russian military that sends messages similar to The Buzzer using
codewords or monolyts. However, it has no constant signal marker.

According to latest observations the station follows a loose schedule and is using day and night frequencies. Possibly, the station works within the Russian Western military district and sends messages for specific military units during special events like training and troop deployment. Usually, a message from This station is sent before an Ohvat-98 message, and even having it sometimes be repeated on Ohvat as well, which points to it being related.

Message Samples

Message on the day frequency (Katok -65 RELIGIYA 63 68 99 38)
Message on night frequency (Katok-65 TABLETKA 28 18 15 54)