The Goose

The Goose operates in Russia’s western military district as a command station. It was first discovered on April 11th, 2017 on 4770.00kHz using callsign KAPKAN-70.  The station gets it’s nickname from the channel markers noise. The station sends messages in monolith format and addresses them to callsign OKHVAT-98.  It’s believed to be located near Smolensk, Russia.

Channel Marker Recording

Usually, a message from KATOK-65 is sent before a goose message, sometimes having the message be repeated on the station as well. The station has changed frequencies many times since it first started operating, and has now settled on 4310 kHz during the daytime and 3243 kHz during nighttime.

Message Sample

The goose channel marker has also been heard over the buzzer and the Air Horn for a number of hours before.

Goose and Alarm Transmitted Together
The Goose’s channel marker transmitting over the Air horns frequency


Station Summary

Name: The Goose
Emission Mode: USB
Frequency: Daytime: 4310 kHz, Nighttime: 3243 kHz
Voice Summary: Female live voice
Counterpart Stations: Katok-65
Location: Believed to be located near Smolensk, Russia