Russian Military Airfields and Communications Objects Around NATO, Ukrainian and Finnish Borders

This map is a display of locations of Russian military airfields and communication units based on online sources. The purpose of this map is to be used for tracking Russian radio stations and air force locations. Map shows how much Russia has concentrated its forces near its borders and behind.  In addition most of the airfields have description of their use and what aircraft they hold. As the satellite map data updates regularly, the map can be used to determine the changes in aircraft deployment and new developments around the communications and other objects listed here. Map will be updated regularly as new information comes in new sites are found. If you have suggestions for new objects or corrections please send message to emails listed in About page. If you want to share and embed this map please cite its creator 

Additionally for to use in Google Earth Software you can get the KMZ file here.

We hope this map will serve the Russian military observers, military communication listeners and contribute to the study of the Russian military.



Войсковые части в городах России

Russian Air Bases

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