S06s – The Russian Lady “00000” Numbers Station Profile

S06s, The Russian Lady is a numbers station operated by the Ukraine. It’s considered a variant of S06, but it has a different voice and location. It sends null messages every last few days of the month. Emits in USB and sometimes over-modulated AM.

Message Sample

S06s usually doesn’t send messages longer than 5 groups, and never send messages less than 5 groups.  The longest S06s message ever was 20 groups long, and the second longest was 18 groups long.  There is an interesting observation about this message, which shows a pattern of repeating groups when splitting the message into rows of 3, this is shown below.

Up to 10 minutes before the transmissions, the station sends a test consisting of a 1200 Hz tone, and the three digit ID once.


S06s operates on a weekly schedule and sends two identical transmissions 10 minutes apart.  S06s changes frequencies depending on the month.  S06s has three schedules identified by the three digit ID it sends.

The schedules last from May to August, November to February, and the other months make up the third schedule.  Each schedule sends two messages per month.  The first message is always sent during the first two weeks, and the second during weeks 2 and 4.  Messages have never been sent on a 5th week.

S06s 6262 kHz LSB on 11-2-14 at 0400z

127 302 18
49711 63258 87613
95086 31910 65625
94603 94027 13253
95086 31910 65625
38984 52523 02630
38984 52523 02630
302 18 00000

This message repeated at 0415z

Recording of S06s 18 Group Message

Message Format

276 938 938 5 5 23801 23801
70553 70553 …
938 938 5 5 0 0 0 0 0
3-digit ID 3-digit 2nd ID
Group count
5-digit paired groups 3-digit 2nd ID
Group count
4 minutes

Null Format

784 784 0 0 0 0 0
3-digit ID
Repeats for 4 minutes


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: The Russian Lady “00000”
Activity: Active
Emission Mode: USB, sometimes modulated AM
Voice Summary: Automated woman’s voice. High pitched, somewhat child-like. Odd pronunciation of 5 and 9.
Believed Country of Origin: Ukraine
Family Relatives: E17z
Station Family: N/A


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