S08 – YT Yugoslavian Numbers Station Profile

S08 was a numbers station believed to have been transmitted by Yugoslavia intelligence.  The station used the Serbo-Croat language, and was read by a live operator.  After an unknown period of inactivity it was heard again when it reactivated on March 20th, 1990 at 19:10 UTC.  It remained active until sometime in 1996.

Message Recording

Message Format

Preamble Message Outro
YT 201 Gruppa 17, Gruppa 17 28007 28007 19522 18522 … YT
Sent slowly in Morse code 3-digit ID Group count (2x) 5-figure paired groups Sent slowly in Morse code
Repeated for 5 minutes Cycle repeats for next message


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: YT
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Quick speaking woman. Possibly prerecorded or live read
Believed Country of Origin:
Family Relatives: M27(?), M40, M35(?)
Station Family:
Family 8 “BVT/YT”


Recording from The Conet Project
Secret Signals by Simon Mason (1991)
ENIGMA Newsletter Issue #4 (January 1994), Page 9