S25 – Russian Man “Control” Numbers Station Profile

S25 is a Russian control numbers station that uses the voice of S06.  In the 1990’s S25 transmitted daily at 08:00 UTC on 14890 kHz, and again on 11270 kHz during 08:20-08:40 UTC.  The ID it used was always “615.”  Each broadcast had four sections instead of two, and they were 10 minutes long instead of 4.  It also originally ended with “615 615 615 000” instead of “00000 00000.”  In 1998, the schedule changed to Mondays only instead of daily, and went completely inactive in 1999.

In September 2004, S25 was reactivated with the current format below.  All transmissions are now unscheduled.

Message Recording

Message Format

615 615 615 98038 98038 615 615 615 94051 94051 00000 00000
3-digit ID
5-digit group
3-digit ID
5-digit group
4 minutes 4 minutes



S25a was a variant that features stutter groups (11111, 22222, etc).


S25b is an ID used for when S25 sends more than two of either 5-digit group.


S25c was a variant of S25 that was transmitted on 14720 kHz.  It has a single message group with ID “615”.

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Russian Man “Control”
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated man’s voice, same as S06.
Believed Country of Origin:
Counterpart Stations: E06, E20(?), G06, S06, V06, M14, M24, M25
Station Family:
Family 1 Subfamily A “KGB/FSB/GRU”


Priyom S25 Profile