Buzzer Message Samples

There are few types of buzzer messages. 

Usual message consists of one double digit number/triple digit number followed by code word (monolith) spelled in Russian phonetics. Then followed by four strings of double digit numbers ended by word  priemприём (over)

Example MDZhB 22 684 MATROSKA 59 37 88 27

There are events when two messages or even three are read in one transmission.

Example: MDZhB 29 472 KAPShA 89 54 75 67 RAPUNCEL 53 50 15 77

On rare occasion a message with no end numbers is sent

Example: MDZhB 26 47 GERUNOK

Also a message with no starting numbers is a rare sight

Example:MDZhB GEOLOGIYa 55 73 

A more rare is event when only code word (monolith is sent)


One of the most known messages transmitted on January 25 2013 was OBJAVLENA KOMANDA 135 (command 135 announced) Its been commonly agreed now that it was training message for full combat readiness. There are sources from ex serviceman who claim that KOMANDA 45 would mean order of full combat readiness

There are events that are caused by message reader errors or by station’s stuff.

Sometimes message reader misreads the text and is forced to read again. In this case he says “sboj, sboj” – cancel, cancel! and reads the message again

Example: MDZHB 25 919 MEGALOZAVR 00 65 41 00 Operator made mistake by spelling 00 literally as “two zeros” and restarted reading the message

In rare cases the buzzer stuff makes a technical error by making a short circuit as in this case:

The buzzer operator had mixed up the channel contacts and thought that buzzer marker is off, while it was was not and called Vulkan in St.Petersburg for help. Because of this contact mix up the call was heard live on radio waves.

Translation: Hallo, hallo, Vulcan? Hallo, hallo, hallo, Vulcan?do not hear the .
Who is there today?
But we can hear it here… I don’t know…
Got it. Hallo, and what we gonna do? Call them again?
Ok, Masha, I’m standing by here for a while, and what was that channel number in Vulcan classification?
31 2 4 10
Once again, what was the number?
31 2 4 10
Ok, will write it down…
Listen, can u check please about… And can you also check channel.