E09 – Magnetic Fields Numbers Station

E09 was a numbers station with a very erratic schedule and very poor reception quality emitting in AM.  It used to be only identifiable by the interval music, utilizing a track “Magnetic Fields” by French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre from his 1981 LP.

This station was first heard in February of 1995, appearing on Mondays at 22:00 UTC on 6647 kHz.  It repeated the same message until May 1995.  It was later noted that E09 was replaced completely by V08 and using the Magnetic Fields interval in place of its original Arabic music. Run by the GID and last heard in July of 1997.

E09 Magnetic Fields Schedule

After its first appearances on Mondays, two different schedules were used.  It transmitted on Mondays at 19:00 UTC on 6645 kHz (+/- 5 kHz) and Saturdays at 09:20 UTC on 11290 kHz (+/- 5 kHz). Transmissions were erratic and didn’t always start on time, or wouldn’t start at all.

Message Sample

Les Chants Magnétiques
part 1 plays
44 D, 44 D 24335 21096
86733 …
Again, again 24335 21096
86733 …
Les Chants Magnétiques
part 1 plays
“Magnetic Fields – Part 1” 5-digit single groups 5-digit single groups “Magnetic Fields – Part 1”
Plays for up to 5 minutes 5 minutes

Number Station Summary

Nickname: Magnetic Fields
Activity: Inactive
Emission Mode: AM
Voice Summary: Possibly live read voice. The person reading the numbers would change frequently, has an Arabic accent
Believed Country of Origin: Egypt
Family Relatives: V08, E25(?)
Station Family: Family 12


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