E12 – NNN Austrian Network Numbers Station Profile

The NNN family of number stations is a network determined to have been run by the Austrian HNA, after some argument as there were suggestions that it was run by the CIA or MOSSAD.  E12 originally sent messages with it’s German counterpart, G12 but replaced it completely in June 1994.

E12 transmitted on a weekly schedules, but only sent one message per month.  It always sent message groups in multiples of 5 sending messages 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 groups long. All NNN number stations emitted in AM.

Recording Sample

E12 Message Format

Morse code “N” Group 21, group 21 45433 45433
09210 09210 …
Morse code “N” Group 25, group 25 44919 44919
22261 22261 …
Sent in
Morse code
count (2x)
paired groups
Sent in Morse
code 10x
Group count (2x) 5-digit
paired groups
 Repeats 5 minutes

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: NNN
Activity: Inactive, since 1997
Emission Mode: AM
Frequencies: 4024, 4644, 5072, 5177, 5821, 6850, 6997, 7655, 8180 kHz
Believed Country of Origin: Austria
Voice Summary: Automated woman’s voice. Usually slow in reading with an incredibly monotone voice. Originally a very high dramatic voice was used.


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