E16 – Two Letter Numbers Station History and Profile

E16 was a West German BND numbers station, and the English counterpart to G16.  It was first observed sometime in the late 1960’s.  The set-up is basically the same as the rest of the BND operated number stations (G14, G15) except the two letter phonetic call up was specific to the frequency it transmitted on and its agent IDs.  Last observed in June 1996.

Two letter transmissions sent in English were from stations: Alpha Uniform, Bravo Lima, Bravo November, Delta Alpha, Delta Lima, Delta Mike, Delta Oscar, Echo Hotel, Foxtrot Kilo, Romeo Kilo, and Victor India for 13 different IDs.

Transmissions were sent multiple times per week starting on the hour and half hour.

Message Recording

E16 Message Format

Preamble Message Info Message
RK RK RK RK Electronic melody
“Message for” 374 374 19 group “Attention” 374 374 19 group 843-49 849-49 … “End”
2-letter ID
Interval notes 3-digit recipient
ID (2x)
Group count 3-digit recipient
ID (2x)
Group count 5-digit paired groups,
pauses after the 3rd digit
Repeats for 5 minutes Varies for each message For each message with different data

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Two Letter
Inactive, since the mid 90’s
Emission mode:
Voice Summary:
Automated woman’s voice with noticeable accent.
Believed Country of Origin:
West Germany
Family Relatives: G14, G15, G16, M15
Station Family:
Family 6 “BND/FRG”


ENIGMA Newsletter Issue #2 (June 1993), Page 3
ENIGMA Newsletter Issue #18 (January 2000), Page 17

E16 Further Reading

ENIGMA Newsletter Issue #2 (June 1993), Page 6 – Logs with station and Agent ID’s