G09 – Saxophone Piece Numbers Station

The only known broadcast for G09 was once during the cold war at 1900 UTC on 10606 kHz. A multi-instrumental jazz piece played for 5 minutes.  Then at 1905 UTC, a woman’s voice read a 5 digit header.  This was followed by her announcing “achtung, achtung”, then reading 5 figure paired message groups.  The message ended with “Ende, Ende.”

No recordings of this station exists, and it has not been heard since then.  Although it’s named ‘Saxophone Piece’, it’s also referred to as the ‘Jazz Player’ in Simon Mason’s book Secret Signals.  The only evidence of this numbers station is that first hand account.

Message Structure

Preamble Message Outro
Multi instrumental
Jazz Music
40309 Achtung Achtung 11486 11486 … Ende Ende
Played for
5 Minutes
5 Digit ID
Repeated for 5m (Possibly)
paired groups

Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Saxophone Piece
Activity: Inactive
Frequency: 10606 kHz
Voice Summary: Female


Secret Signals by Simon Mason (1991) – Archived Web Version