S02 – Drums and Trumpets Numbers Station Profile

S02 was a numbers station that had rare broadcasts and at one point was sent on a “date of the month” schedule.  It used to send messages on the 9th of every month at 19:30 UTC on 4740 or 4740 kHz in 1994.  Even during its highest activity of traffic between January 1989 and March 1990 it was rarely heard.

The numbers were read in Bulgarian and it played the intro music “Il Silenzio” by Nino Rossi an hour before the transmission.  The station used to have a male voice at one point but also used a woman’s voice.  This station has not been heard since 1996.

Recording Sample


Message Format

Preamble Message Repeat Outro
Drums and Trumpets Nomer 89 Gruppi 63 19273 19273 63407 63407 … Nomer 89 Gruppi 63 19273 63407… Kray
“Number 89” “Groups 63” “Number 89” “Groups 63” “End”
Unknown ID Group count 5-digit paired groups Unknown Id Group count 5-digit single groups
Plays for 5 minutes Repeats 2x Repeats 2x




S02a uses the same format as S02, but had an added bugle instrument in the interval music.


This variant played “Taps/Il silencio”, which was the same tune that was given the Enigma ID X01 – The Bugle.


S02c is an S02 broadcast with a 3 digit Noma / Nomer that is then reversed.


S02d was a variant that sent a 5 digit Noma / Nomer.


Numbers Station Summary

Nickname: Drums and Trumpets
Inactive, since 1996
Emission mode:
4740, 5500, 6675 kHz
Voice Summary:
Automated man’s, and woman’s voice, spoke with a very rough sounding voice
Believed Country of Origin:
Family Relatives: S02, E01 [See E01], M17(?)
Station Family:
Family 7 “Aïda”



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ENIGMA Newsletter 6 (August 1994) Page 9
Recording from the Conet Project