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E01 – Ready, Ready!

Nickname: Ready, Ready!
Activity: Inactive, since 1999
Emission Mode: AM
Voice Summary: Female, Automated woman’s voice with an English accent. Sounds slightly agitated/breathless.  The voice tries incredibly hard to pass itself off as a British accented woman. Though it rolls its “R” in four more than typical.
Believed Country of Origin: Bulgaria, Italy, or the USA (see Station Summary)

Station Summary

E01 had many theories to who operated it and where it came from. Besides Bulgaria, there have been claims it came from Italy and even the USA. Due to a concept called the “endings rule”, people assumed since E01 had the same ending, all transmissions finished when the machine read ‘END’, as the CIA’s numbers stations it could belong to them. Though it appeared to have been an English sister to Bulgarian language numbers station S02, and both stations shared the same frequencies.

At first, E01 was a difficult station to find since it only operated 3 days of the week during certain weeks.[1][2]  Message groups were typically 20-30 groups long.[1]

Station Structure

Family Relatives: S02, M17
Station Family: 7?


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